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E.T.R. Health & Safety Services is a proactive company with realistic ideas to accommodate all companies in all industries. Based upon our sound experience in Welfare, Health & Safety, we are pleased to offer you our services.

Our service covers all aspects of Health & Safety in the work place. Health and Safety has become an integral part of the day-to-day management of all businesses. It is intricate, has far reaching consequences and can become very time consuming. Law is constantly evolving, new regulations and guidance are introduced form month to month and some businesses find it increasingly difficult to maintain the pace.

We aim to temper the perceived burden that senior management has regarding the Health, Safety & Welfare of their employees. It is a compulsory requirement that a formal policy is produced, part of which will include the production of Method Statements, Risk Assessments, Inspections, COSHH information, Permits to Work and Training, to name but a few.

E.T.R. Health & Safety Services are able to address all these issues to support and encourage managers to implement the policy requirements and comply. We offer enhanced services to the construction sector, which includes the presentation of documentation for the Operation & Maintenance File.

Every company director or proprietor should now be aware that complacency or a disregard for the law may very well lead to legal action, heavy fines and other hidden costs and even imprisonment.

You must protect the health and safety of your workers and others who might be affected by your work. Health & Safety is about sensible, proportionate actions that protect people - not unnecessary bureaucracy and paperwork.

If you would like to learn more about the services we offer, please contact us on one of the numbers shown above. We will be happy to visit at a convenient time, to discuss your requirements. E.T.R. covers all of East Anglia and travel far a field if you need site visits which are not local.

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